Privacy Policy

Girlguiding Kent West collects information about your visit for the purposes of providing analytics and tracking the number of visitors to the web site. The information collected includes the time of your visit, the pages you visit, information about your web browser and your operating system and your geographic region. None of this information can be used to identify you and is completely anonymous.

If you are a member and have been provided with a login, then your email address, name and an encrypted version of your password are stored in a database to allow you to login to the Members’ Area. This information is used solely for providing membership services and is not disclosed to any third parties.


A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer by your web browser to save user preferences and remember information about your visit. This is a very common practice and cookies are completely harmless, they cannot be shared between web sites and cannot be used maliciously.

Girlguiding Kent West uses cookies to remember your preferences, manage your session and store encrypted user details if you are a member and have logged in. These cookies are not shared with any other web sites and cannot be used to personally identify you.